Client intake


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For your intake you will - 

  • Create a matter - more info

  • Send the questionnaire to the party - more info

  • Send the party instructions regarding how to complete the questionnaire (if you think they need help) - more info

  • Once the party has completed the questionnaire, upgrade to the dashboard to review the information and prepare for the Pre-FDR Property Session - more info

Here are some instructions to help you with each of those steps.

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Create a matter
 for mediators

How to open a matter and send the questionnaire

Create a matter video

A 22 second video showing you how to open a new matter

Flyer - Create a matter mediators video.

For your client

Step by step instructions
that you can
send to your client

What next?

Preparation for the

pre-FDR property session

Your portal questionnaire launch balance
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Send less

How do you send only some of the sections to your client?


Our onboarding video

Next steps

Now that the client has completed the questionnaire you can move on to your Pre - FDR Property Session.  To find the instructions for that step click on the button below.  Alternatively you can go back to the Index.

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