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Disclosure that's as simple as sharing a link.

Built for busy family lawyers, FamilyProperty's two-way disclosure makes it super simple to share and receive files straight into your balance sheet.


Disclosure is fun, said no one ever.

We understand the frustration involved with disclosure; getting files from your client, constantly categorising files against your balance sheet, sending files to the other side, organising the files you get back, drafting document indexes... Time to get back your sanity by using the first in the world two-way disclosure solution, built exclusively for family law.

The world's first “Dropbox” like disclosure solution, only built exclusively for family law.


Create your balance sheet and start collecting files from your client


Share a link to your disclosure portal with the other party


Get files disclosed back, categorised against your balance sheet

Finally! An easier way for everyone involved.

Sharing links and files is just the start. Because two-way disclosure is built into the FamilyProperty platform, you have auto-calculating balance sheets, intake questionnaires, client portals and a huge library of automated documents including document indexes and the Financial Statement at your fingertips. FamilyProperty replaces your disconnected and manual processes and files with a single screen.

balancesheet-laptop (1).png
For your client

Want to get files from your client? Give your client a simple portal that automatically makes recommendations on the documents needed, and a simple way for them to upload their files. Files are automatically organised against the right items in your balance sheet. Already got their files? You can upload their files yourself straight into the balance sheet.

For the other party

Ready to disclose a file? Simply share a link with the other side to your own branded disclosure portal that gives them the ability to access your disclosed files and share files back to you, organised into your balance sheet.

Getting bank statements

Need to get the latest bank statements from your client? Want to save hours in analysing them? Simply invite your client to use the  industry leading and secure BankStatements service in FamilyProperty to retrieve and analyse their bank statements in a matter of minutes, directly from their bank. Your balance sheet is updated saving you further effort.

Work collaboratively

Both using FamilyProperty? Great! You can both manage the complete disclosure process within your own respective balance sheets. Start reducing the time, pain and errors involved in managing disclosure.



Documents are available in one secure, online and categorised location.


No physical documents for you to collect, scan and manually add into your system.


Documents can be downloaded into a ZIP file for easy distribution and backup.


Unlike other cloud storage options, disclosed documents can't be revoked or changed.


A disclosure index is automatically generated from any documents uploaded and disclosed.


No need to send multiple emails with uncategorised attachments, simply share a link with the other side.


Unlike cloud storage options, everything is hosted in Australia and links don't expire.


No cost to the other side to start disclosing files, simply share a link and they upload files back.

Want to see more?

Book in an online demo to see how you can equip you and your team with the industry leading platform for family law professionals.

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