Family law isn't simple, but let's not make it harder.

We all know that Family Law isn't as simple as calculating percentages, and yet it doesn't have to be as complex as most systems and Court forms would suggest.  It certainly shouldn't be difficult for the client to give you accurate information.

FamilyProperty's journey started with Professor Patrick Parkinson AM designing a series of questions to help self-represented parties to properly and accurately complete the necessary court forms.  He then joined forces with Tim and Fiona Kirkman to use their existing AI technology to create an online client intake questionnaire that made it easier for clients to provide all of the information that their family lawyers needed.  Our product's journey literally started with the question, how can a person provide this information without legal advice?

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Our client intake questionnaire

Our online intake questionnaire can be completed by your client literally in their own time and space, and they can complete it on their mobile phone, tablet, or on a laptop. 

They can also upload all of their financial disclosure documents through our online client portal, say goodbye to annoying email attachments with irrelevant document names.  When you use our system the documents that the client gives you will be saved next and as part of the relevant asset or liability so that everything is in one place.

If you want to see how simple and user friendly our online client intake questionnaire is than click the 'Try it out' button, interact with our Legal Chat Bot and you will get sent our questionnaire as if you were the client.  Try it out for yourself.

Our spreadsheet

Once the client has provided you with the information it will automatically populate your spreadsheet, which is the dashboard of our program.  From here you can model proposals, save versions, create a copy of this spreadsheet to model the other side's offers, and also launch a neutral balance sheet that highlights the differences between the two parties.

All of the considerations, future needs, personal details and financial resources are also saved in the dashboard so that you can find all of the information about your client's financial matter in one place.

The visual representations of the assets and these options help your client to understand the asset pool and what the settlement options might look like in real life.  You can also show them what their suggestions look like, showing that you have heard them and where necessary showing them the issue with that suggestion in a visual user friendly fashion.

Financial separation simplified.

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