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Our product was created by mediators, it is in our DNA.

With the product being created, from the start, with a view to facilitating mediation and involving the parties in a real way, you will find that parties are in the correct mindset.

  • The online intake gets the parties invested and involved from the start, and also helps you to make the parties feel heard.

  • The spreadsheet is the centre of our product, and it naturally focuses parties away from the history of the relationship and points of conflict and towards their own actual asset pool, and achievable results.

  • You can give your parties 'viewer only' access so they can review their own spreadsheet and assets, the same spreadsheet that you are looking at. 

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Have questions?

We would love to book a free, private
demonstration with you to show how
our product will help you make your
work more client-focused.
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Our intake questionnaire

Start your matter off on the right foot.

Get the parties involved and thinking about their matter, and then once they have given you the basic details you can assign them homework using our client portal. 

Our users love the collaborative approach, if you want to read more about what they have to say then head over to our testimonials page.

On the same page

You can use our product to help to get the clients on the same page, literally.

They can see their offer or position next to the other side's position and you can use it to reality test their approach, or to get them focused on the numbers and away from the dispute.

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