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Family mediation isn't simple, but let's not make it harder.

Our product is simple, but it is not simplistic.  We have worked hard to simplify what we can, and allow flexibility where it is needed for more complex issues.

  • The intake process for parties is user friendly, with plain English questions and an easy to follow interface.

  • We use decision tree technology to reduce, as much as possible, the questions that are asked.

  • The spreadsheet is the centre of our product and it really helps the parties to understand their asset pool, and therefore their options.

  • You avoid calculation errors by letting the program do all of the maths for you. 

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Have questions?

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Our intake questionnaire

The online intake questionnaire can be completed in the parties own time and space, and they can do it on their mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. 

If you want to see how simple and user-friendly our online intake questionnaire is then click the 'Try it out' button, interact with our Legal ChatBot and you will be sent our questionnaire as if you were the client.  Try it out for yourself.

Our spreadsheet

Once the party has provided you with their information it will automatically populate your spreadsheet, which is the dashboard of our program.  From here you can model proposals, save versions, create a copy of this spreadsheet to model the other side's offers, and also launch a neutral balance sheet that highlights the differences between the two parties.

All of the considerations, future needs, personal details and financial resources are also saved in the dashboard so that you can find all the information in one place.

The visual representation of the assets and the options will help your client to better understand their own matter.  

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