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Professor Patrick Parkinson AM 

Sign up to get a copy of our previous webinar where Professor Parkinson discussed the initial client intake and why you shouldn't give a percentage split.  He also provided us with a paper on the uncertainty of financial decisions made by the Family Court.  When you click on the button below and sign up you will automatically be emailed a copy of the webinar and the paper.

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Our Superannuation and Family Law webinar was very popular.  If you missed it you can sign up below to join our mailing list and receive a copy of the webinar itself and the slides.

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Do you really know whether your client is a contractor, employee or casual?  What employment law rights do you have to consider when you are dealing with the family business?

If you missed our Employment Law webinar you can sign up to our mailing list below and receive a copy of the webinar itself and the slides, which include all the cases and blogs that Carly and Fiona referred to.


What if you could use your time recording to get a clearer picture of your workflow, so that you could automate, outsource, delegate or reduce the more stressful aspects of your family law matters?  Sure you could guess at what the most stressful part is, but what if you actually measured it?

Financial separation simplified.

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