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Adding a user to an individual matter

If you want to give a user access to an individual matter, then you need to follow this process.

Open the matter that you want to add a user to. Click opn More, and then click on Users. Start on your matters page "My matters" and click on Account and then Users.


This is the screen that you will get when you click on Users. Now click on Add.


You can only add people to this section (Firm users) who are already firm users. You add firm users by following these instructions.


You need to decide which level of authority to give a new user.

Questionnaire only users only have access to complete the intake questionnaire and other client facing screens. Viewers can view information in the dashboard but cannot make any changes. Users can make changes to information and upload attachments, but cannot invite other users. Admins have full access to all functions for this matter, including inviting users.

For most solicitors you would give them 'user' access so that they can actually work on matters, rather than merely view them.



You can watch a video explaining the process of setting up your account for the first time here.


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