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Case outline for mediators

Have you seen our new product feature, the case outline for mediators? The mediator can send a shareable link to each party, or each party's lawyer, and ask them to fill it out.


How does it work?

It is a smart form, so you put in some information and it generates a word document for you. You can find the Case Outline smart form by clicking on More, then Smart forms, then Case Outline. Make sure that you open it in the correct party's name (i.e. make sure you are sending them the case outline for them, not for the other side).

Now you will get some information automatically completed, depending on how much you have already obtained from the parties. If they have already completed their financial information then it will automatically populate into this case outline.

You do have the ability to send a link to any person to complete the smart form, and as well as asking for the financial information it asks for the usual submissions in relation to considerations, facts relied upon and the party's proposal.

If the parties haven't used the client intake questionnaire yet they can use the case outline to complete the necessary financial information.


Emailing them the form

The party completing the form does not have to have a paid FamilyProperty account, you are simply emailing them a link and then they can open it themselves on their computer, complete it, and send it back to you.

Emailing them the link is easy, you just follow the two steps above (click on More, then Smart forms, then Case Outline) and then rather than clicking on Case Outline you click on the three dots and you can get a shareable link. Now just paste it into an email.

When they are done you will get an email telling you that they have submitted it. They will also get an opportunity to download a copy for themselves.


What do you get?

Once you have finished with your case outline this is what you get.

If you want to check it out, you should go and use one of your demo matters (now probably sitting in your archives) and put some data in for yourself.


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