Changing and then sending the online questionnaire

You can now use FamilyProperty's automated online client questionnaire for free inside of Smokeball. You can use this to onboard all new clients or new client enquiries, and then if the matter is going to proceed you can update to dashboard (at which point you will be charged the per matter fee).

If you don't know about our online questionnaire then you can read more about it here, and you can try it out for yourself (as though you were the client) by completing your details at the bottom of that page.

You need to be registered to use FamilyProperty in order to use this, if you aren't then you should contact Smokeball on 1300 33 55 53 to register.

You can change which of the 12 sections you send to your client or potential client. You will get to tick or untick these twelve boxes if you follow the instructions below.

The first step is to open a file. Once you have opened a file you need to find the Financials tab and click the plus button.

This is a closer/larger screen shot of the above step. Click on the plus button to open FamilyProperty financials.

Once you client on that you will get this page. There is a drop down arrow next to "Use the dashboard" which you need to click on.

Once you click on the drop down box you get these three options. This selection is important.

Use the dashboard means upgrading the matter to dashboard and incurs the per matter fee.

Complete the questionnaire means that you complete the questionnaire, or that you will make amendments and then send it to the client.

Invite my client to complete the questionnaire means you send out the questionnaire, as is, and this is the option we are looking at for this set of instructions.

Choose "Complete the questionnaire".

Now you will get this page, you need to click options and then set-up. There is a zoomed in (larger) photo of the screen below.

You will now get the matter set up page. Click "Questionnaire" and "Yes, invite the client ....".

Enter your client's details, choose the sections you want to send to the client, and click Save.

If you would like more information about the online client questionnaire then you can read about it here.

If you would like to be sent a copy of the online client questionnaire, to see what it is like to fill it out as a client, then complete the form below.

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