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Updated: May 11

Smokeball and FamilyProperty subscribers can now use FamilyProperty's automated online client questionnaire for free. Easily gather all the information on your client's situation including their assets, liabilities and superannuation. You have the option to launch the questionnaire as the professional and start completing it in conjunction with your client or alternatively, email it to your client and customise the sections you wish to include so they can work through it in their own space and time. Following are simple steps to guide you:

The first step is to open a property matter in Smokeball. Once you have opened the file, click on the FamilyProperty button along the top of the screen:

The FamilyProperty questionnaire will launch and you can start completing it on behalf of your client. Alternatively, click on 'Options':

- Then click 'Set-up' to email it to your client and select which sections to include

- Or click 'Switch to dashboard' to start populating the balance sheet

Note: Switch to dashboard incurs the per matter fee as you unlock all features of FamilyProperty, including the interactive balance sheet, automated reporting plus more.

If you choose to send the client the questionnaire, click on 'Options' > 'Set-up' and tick the box to send to the client:

Enter your client's details, choose the sections you want to include and click Save.

Your client will receive an email inviting them to use the questionnaire.

If you would like more information about the online client questionnaire then you can read about it here.

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