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Employment Law and Family Law

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Carly Stebbing from Resolution 123 and Fiona Kirkman from FamilyProperty joined forces to talk to us about the intersection of Family Law and Employment Law on Wednesday 16 September 2020.

Do you really know what the different is between a casual, a contractor and an employee or do you rely on your client to understand the difference?

Do you know if your client has any employment law rights against the family business? If your client is retaining the family business, do you know what to do to protect your client in relation to those potential wages claims?

Who owns that work vehicle that your client is driving, what are their rights to that vehicle, and how should you record that in a balance sheet or court document?

What happens if one parties employer is paying the rent on the premises, can an AVO or Family Violence Order be issued putting that employee out of the premises? What employment opportunities are lost if there is a Family Violence Order or criminal charge? How does the loss of employment opportunities impact the family property settlement?

These are some of the topics that we discussed in our webinar on employment law and family law. If you would like to receive a video copy of the webinar and the paper setting out all the cases and government resources referred to, then please register below.

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