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Expansion of the COVID list

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

The Courts have announced the expansion and continuation of the COVID-19 list. The reasons cited in this latest media release for entering the COVID list include the suspension of time due to a family violence order obtained during the pandemic, that is rather than the alleged victim bringing the matter before the court due to a claim of increased family violence the alleged perpetrator could bring the matter before the court due to a reduction in time. No doubt this is in response to the delays or other issues with criminal hearings in many local courts. COVID-19 related employment (of a parent) is mentioned. Interestingly disputes about vaccinations for COVID are also specifically mentioned in this latest media release. It is not plain whether a joint practice direction is going to follow, though obviously a solicitor could argue that these points all fall under the criteria raised in Joint Practice Direction 3.

After the federal budget this year the Court noted that there would be additional funding for the COVID-19 list through to 30 June 2022. In this recent Media Release it is noted that "the Courts have received more than 430 applications for the COVID-19 list. The overarching majority of these applications have been accepted and heard by a Judge or Registrar within three business days of being assessed."

The information on the Court website regarding the COVID-19 list includes -

There is a COVID judgments list, but the only case on the COVID judgments list relates to a matter where there was a failure to provide the required notice (or lead sufficient evidence of the required notice being given). It does then go on to discuss the rules in relation to contravention generally and whether a concern about cross border travel and specifically aeroplane travel was a reasonable excuse in this case. In this case it was found that the mother did have a legitimate concern for the child's health. Due to the way the case unfolded it probably doesn't provide great guidance to a dispute where there is a legitimate concern for the child's health but there is no aeroplane travel or failure to give written notice involved.

For now it seems that the COVID list is here to stay, potentially for another 18 months, and practitioners will need to familiarise themselves with the requirements of that list.


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