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How to like a Facebook page as your Facebook page

Following on from my post about using your phone and the Facebook pages news feed to do some easy marketing on your mobile, I thought I would clarify how to like pages as your business page. This means that they will come up in your Page's newsfeed, making it easy to engage with them quickly on your mobile phone. If you want to read my original article you can read that here.

The process for liking a page using your page is actually fairly simple on your laptop, here is a series of screen shots showing you how to do it.


As covered in my previous post, the Business Pages newsfeed is a really great way to keep up to date with clients, or other pages that are relevant to your business, and you can engage with them automatically as

If you want to check which pages you have liked as your Business page, then you need to head over to your business page and visit your newsfeed. Below are some images showing you how it is done.


Working on your mobile

Did you know that our product works on your mobile phone? We know that you are often working on the run, and that your clients are probably completing at least some of their automated intake on the run.

You can try it for yourself with a free 14 day trial, no credit card details required, we are confident you will love our product. If you want a free trial then click here.


Flexible Family Law

My original post was one of a series of five posts about using your mobile phone for your business, as part of our Flexible Family Law Facebook group.

If you want to join our group then click here.

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