I have found a potential client - how are you going to communicate value?

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Today in our five part series on your marketing funnel and our legal chat bot, we are asking the question how are you going to communicate value to progress your potential client through your sales funnel?

Marketing funnel

This graphic is what we are working through in this five part series. What we want to do in this post is to look at the two areas circled.

When the week's posts are finished I will also be sharing a checklist to work through each of this week's points, if you scroll down and join the mailing list you will get the checklist and information sent to you even if you are not a FamilyProperty user.

Your ideal client and your point of difference

For this part of the exercise I need you to go back through your previous questions and answers. We had previously talked about the fact that you ideally want to be finding people, and getting them to know, like or trust you before they actually need your services.

Remember this definition (below). To start with we are going to remind ourselves of the answers to these questions. You need to get this really clear in your mind. What is it about you or your service that you are trying to communicate? What problem do they have, and how can you solve it?

Then we are going to have a think about our point of difference, the second part of our checklist for Day 1. Again we need to be clear on this issue, because we need to communicate this to the potential client. In the checklist I step you through this, if you haven't already joined the mailing list do that now (scroll down) so you can work through the exercises.

Catch them before they need you

Looking again at the graph below, you will have potential clients who need a lawyer or mediator now, and you will have potential clients who don't need a lawyer or mediator at the moment. Some of them may never need a lawyer or mediator, but might be asked by a friend for a recomendation.

You have probably heard people tell you that not all your content can be 'salesy'. This right here is one of the main reasons why. If all your content is salesy then it has no value whatsoever to someone who does not, today, need a lawyer or a mediator. You need to communicate about your firm, yourself, your point of difference and your "perfect solution" but without only talking about your work. You need to communicate this personality, this feel, to a potential future client, and you need to communciate something to them that is valuable enough to them that it makes them want to follow you, join your mailing list or even to share information about you with others.

You want them to know, like and then trust you before they need you as a lawyer or mediator.

If they do need a professional right now and they already know, like and trust you then they will find your contact details and reach out. If they do need a professional right now and they have come to your website or social media to perform a digital audit and they like what they see then they will find your contact details and reach out. A post doesn't have to be salesy to sell you. What you want is for your information to show your value, your nature, or your personality in a way that appeals to that ideal client.

What appeals to my ideal client?

This again is where it is really important to have actual, real people in mind. Think about those three people that you called, those three ideal cleints that you called as part of your checklist. Think about them six months before they needed you. What is going on in their lives right now? Do they have kids? Do they run a business? What are their interests? What did they tell you when you asked them "Why did they decide to use my firm (as opposed to any other firm)?"

What are they looking for when they get onto social media or open their inbox? What is going to make them stop and actually read your content?

What would have made your real people, your three people, like a social media account, read a blog post or sign up to an email account?

Give yourself a list of things that would have appealed to these three real people six months before they needed you. Now of course all of your content, however we set it up, will have a call to action that allows them to progress quickly to using you if they need you now, but communciating your ideals and your value will work for those who need you now, and those who don't need you yet.

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Don't just time cost, make sure you are time recording.

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Want more information? Like I said this is the fourth part of a five part series, so stay tuned for the rest of the steps that you need to set up your marketing funnel.

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