I have found a potential client - how are you going to exchange information?

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Today in our five part series on your marketing funnel and our legal chat bot, we are asking the question how are you going to exchange information?

Marketing funnel

This graphic is what we are working through in this five part series. What we want to do in this post is to look at these three blue circles. Each of these circles is a part of the funnel where you exchange information with the potential client.

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How are they first finding out about you?

In the last two days we have spent a lot of time looking at who your ideal client is, and how they initially make contact with you. Ideally you would have people who don't yet need a lawyer or mediator engaging with you now, so that they come to know, then like then trust you (as we went through in yesterday's posts here).

While a lot of people who need a lawyer need advice quite quickly, what you want to aim to do is to capture people at the "know" stage. So when they first become aware of the existence of you the lawyer, or your law firm, how is that happening? However it is happening, how are you going to convert them? For instance -

  • If it is happening on Facebook or Instagram, are they following or liking your account or simply reading what they want and then moving on?

  • If it is happening on a blog post, what is the call to action at the bottom of the post and is it working?

  • If they are listening to a podcast or watching a Youtube video, are they subscribing?

  • If they are hearing about you from word of mouth, when they Google you (which you know they do) what comes up in that Google search, where are they going, and is that converting them?

You need to have a good hard think about that first blue circle, how is your ideal client first coming to you, and how do you get them to move forward (to either your sales funnel, or to the second blue circle?)

Remember, this is one sales funnel. We are not putting all the channels or potential ways to find a client in that first blue circle. For now we are picking one channel. That does not mean that you will stop taking clients from other marketing channels, it just means we are focusing on improving one channel, for now. When you have this one operating swimmingly you can creat another one.

Your time recording

Now your time recording and business management software should be answering the question "How are my clients finding me". I don't want you to wait to set up a marketing funnel until you get your time recording sorted though. I will talk later in the blog post about an upcoming webinar that will help you to use time recording to help you answer this question.

What marketing channels are working for you now?

Remember we covered this in yesterday's post and checklist?

What channels are working for you now, not just in terms of how many followers your have but also levels of engagement.

Now I want you to combine that information with the questions asked above and think about how we are going to move people through these channels from knowing about you, to actually using you as a client.

How will you move them through those circles?

Obviously part of this is going to be automated, whether that automation looks like a marketing channel, an email list, or a legal chat bot capturing enough information for you to make a phone call. I want to say to you though that not all of the blue circles can be automated once and then ignored.

I know that it is very popular to fully automate everything at the moment, but for anything other than a transactional type of professional service they are not going to commit to using you by speaking with a robot alone. If you are wanting to reach someone who doesn't immediately need a solicitor (and you should, more on that later) then you will need to create some sort of content to keep them interested and to keep them moving through the know, like and trust journey. Obviously the content will require a time investment from a person. If you are wanting to reach someone who needs a solicitor right now then you either need current content (see above time investment) and for them to already have seen enough of it to trust you, or, they are going to want to speak with you before popping $1,000 into your trust account. This is where some sort of initial free consultation, or 15 minute 'discovery' phone call is going to come in.

Whether you are giving your time to continuing to create content, or to engaging in these human to human discovery opportunities, you will need to put some of your time into this funnel at some point.

You could of course do all three of the blue circles by personal conversation but that is time consuming. You probably want to do the second or third circle by a person, and the other two by automation. What you would do here really depends on your firm, but here are some examples of what I am talking about -

  • You potential client hears about you through word of mouth

  • They Google you

  • What do they find when they Google you?

  • Will the link be relevant enough for them to follow?

  • If they follow the link, will they find relevant information and a clear call to action (to either progress their matter or to join your sales funnel?)

  • If they think they might need to progress their matter, what will their next step be, how will they contact you, how will you figure out what they want, and how will you communicate to them how you can help?

Or -

  • Your potential client sees a post on Facebook

  • Is the post relevant to them?

  • Will they simply read it, like it and move on, or will they visit your Page

  • If they visit your Page, will that information be relevant to them?

  • Will they either follow your page (sales funnel) or reach out to you for advice?

  • If they reach out to you for advice will that be on the Facebook platform? How quickly are you responding to the Facebook platform? If you set up some automatic replies, where will you send them while they are waiting for your actual reply?

Or -

  • Your potential client meets you at an event

  • They look you up on Instagram

  • Is your account relevant and interesting to them?

  • Will they follow it (sales funnel) or go to the contacts section and reach out to you for advice?

  • Is it plain how they should reach out to you?

  • If they reach out to you inside of the platform (Instagram), is someone monitoring those DMs to get back to them quickly?

Note that these three examples really only deal with the first circle. In order to progress someone from potential client to paying you their hard earned dollars they need to find a series of relevant pieces of information that communicate your value to them.

Tomorrow we will look at communicating value. For today, I am asking you to think about what channel you will use to communicate with the client at each of these blue circles.

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Don't just time cost, make sure you are time recording.

Join us on Tuesday 28 July for our webinar discussing time costing and time recording. We will go through what you should be recording and how that will help your practice generally, what you should be using your practice management software to record, and all of that will help you to refine the questions 'who is my ideal client' or 'what is my ideal matter type' moving forward.

You can register for that event, which we are co - hosting with Smokeball, by clicking here.

Want more information? Like I said this is the second part of a five part series, so stay tuned for the rest of the steps that you need to set up your marketing funnel.

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