I have found a potential client - how are you going to get potential clients into the funnel?

This is the last in our five part series on your marketing plan or marketing funnel. Today we will ask how are you going to get the potential clients, who don’t need you yet, into the sales funnel?

Marketing funnel

Now assuming that all your friends and family have already followed your socials out of the googness of their hearst, you now need people to want to join in, which means you need to offer them something.

Should I offer them something free?

There is plenty of advice out there about offering people something for free to get them onto your mailing list. I tried Googling it and I got a range of responses including:

  • 9 tips that get more people to subscribe to your email

  • 10 effective ways to get more email list subscribers

  • Grow your email list with a free gift

  • 27 tips on how to get more email signups

  • How to build an email list organically

  • How to create a killer email list from nothing

Now let's assume that you do not have time to read all of this. Let's also assume that you do not have time to put 10 or 27 tips into place right now.

Most importantly though, let's assume that the people who wrote these articles know nothing about your business. You on the other hand have spent some time reviewing your own business, because as I said at the beginning of this marketing is incredibly specific to your business and so it is difficult for me to tell you what to do without knowing more about your business. Hopefully you know more about your business now, and what you need to emphasise and share with potential clients in order to get them to know you, then like you, then trust you.

That still leaves the not insignificant question of what actual channel or tool or method am I going to use to do all of that.

What is interesting, valuable, funny or helpful to your ideal client (or their referrer)?

Whether you have decided to focus on your existing clients through your mailing list, or reach out to new sources using social media, you still need to ask yourself what is in it for them? Now this does not have to be something free, in fact giving people something for free simply to get them onto your mailing list is at best 5% of a stragtegy. There then needs to be something on the mailing list to keep them there.

You need a valuable sales funnel. Not the bait to get them into the sales funnel, but the sales funnel itself needs to be valuable. If it isn't one of two things will happen, they will unsubscribe, unfollow or simply ignore you, or they won't progress through the sales funnel.

This actually means that the mechanics that you choose, particularly right this second, are not a make or break decision. People who sell you marketing systems woudl like you to think that there is one answer and they have it, but what you need to do is to choose a system and set it up. Then you need to ensure taht this system is somehow of interest or value to those people in the sales funnel, that is, you need to take all that work that we did defining your ideal client and your point of difference and somehow use that knowledge in all of your content moving forward.

It is a big task but the take home message for you, for now, is this. Your sales funnel, the actual mechanics of it, that is a simple enough decision. Look at the feedback that you took (on your checklist) from your ideal clients using my checklist. Look at your data that you also collected on that checklist. Take a look at the graph again and come up with a plan to step your potential client through that funnel.

The important thing right now is to get something into place. Then I want you to start collecting data, proper relevant data through your existing time recording and CRM systems. Then I want you to do this all over again in three months time when you have better data, better data on this funnel you are about to set up, and better data on who your ideal client is and where they came from which you will get from inside of your new improved records.

In order to set up the sales funnel sign up for the mailing list (below) and get my emails and the checklist to help you to put something into place.

In order to approve teh data that you are collecting sign up for teh webinar on collecting your own data on your own business using your time recording system, it is on Tuesday 28 July and if you sign up for the webinar but annot attend you will get sent all of the information afterwards.

Don't just time cost, make sure you are time recording.

Join us on Tuesday 28 July for our webinar discussing time costing and time recording. We will go through what you should be recording and how that will help your practice generally, what you should be using your practice management software to record, and all of that will help you to refine the questions 'who is my ideal client' or 'what is my ideal matter type' moving forward.

You can register for that event, which we are co - hosting with Smokeball, by clicking here.

Want more information? Like I said this is the fourth part of a five part series, so stay tuned for the rest of the steps that you need to set up your marketing funnel.

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