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Webinar - Client intake

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Client intake, it is something that we do every week, but have you really thought about it recently? Would you like to view our previous webinar on this topic so that you can start thinking about it?

Now that we are mostly working from home many practitioners are thinking about automation now more than ever, but what can you automate, and what still involves a real life person?

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Client intake - why you shouldn't advise on percentages in the first interview

Professor Patrick Parkinson AM will talk about:

  • s79 factors - it isn't just 50% plus 5% per child

  • you need the full picture, including the other side's assertions regarding contributions, before you can advise on percentages

  • s79(4) - take a closer look

  • s75(2) factors - which factors have an economic impact?

  • clients need time - time to think about and understand the question, time to get evidence together for you

  • collaborative law - yes settlement is valuable for the client, but you still need to advise on your client's highest possible outcome, don't just jump to the middle or to the compromise

  • court documents - they are confusing for clients, might be focused on different things (like maintenance)

  • plain English - why was it important that the client intake be in plain English, and not simply a repeat of the court documents?

Fiona Kirkman will also talk about client intake in a mediation setting, how it is different and how to screen for Reg 25 and 28.

Client intake - financial disclosure and the client

Janis Donnelly-Coode will talk about:

  • The difficulty of being a family lawyer, you need factual information but the client wants to tell you a story

  • You end up interrupting the story to get the important information, but the client thinks the information you seek is not important

  • The information you want can seem robotic, let a ‘robot’ do it. This allows you to focus on legal advice and making the client feel heard (so they will listen to the legal advice)

We will then have a look at how our client intake questionnaire can help with this, doing the robotic part so you can do the 'human' part.

For our existing clients, did you know that you already have a legal bot in the client. Have you used it? In this webinar we will look at the bot, how to get started, and some ideas on what you can use it for.


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