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Free On-Demand Recording: Ethics & Professional Responsibility

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Family law professionals come across ethical dilemmas and conflicts of interest in their work all the time. When taking on potential clients, they must know how to both recognise possible conflicts of interest, and how to deal with them.

In this 90 minute CPD webinar, Fiona Kirkman, Joanne Law and Dina Limious, discuss ethical practice and how to identify potential conflicts of interest.

Earn: 1.5 CPD Points*

Ethics Webinar Presentation Slides
Download PDF • 3.68MB

This webinar covers:

  • The ethical decision making framework that family law professionals should be working within

  • What constitutes a conflict of interest

  • How to conduct a conflict of interest check, with a showcase of FamilyProperty’s new conflict checker tool

  • What constitutes genuine steps and effort to resolve a family law dispute and should lawyers / mediators be making this assessment

  • A showcase of FamilyProperty’s new web forms eg. FCFCOA Certificate of Dispute Resolution form

  • The line between legal information vs legal advice, including a showcase of the automated legal information within the FamilyProperty questionnaire and disclosure portal

  • Tips and traps for avoiding complaints in family law and family mediation matters

*‍ If you are in the legal industry you can claim 1.5 CPD points for attending this event under Ethics and Professional Responsibility. Conditions may differ for each state, so please check with your industry body to confirm eligibility. FamilyProperty is not responsible for keeping track of individual attendance and acquired CPD points.

About the presenters

Fiona Kirkman

Fiona Kirkman is the CEO and co-founder of FamilyProperty and runs her own family mediation practice, Kirkman Family Law. She is an Accredited Specialist in Family Law, Nationally Accredited Mediator, Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and Collaborative Practitioner and has also previously lectured and assessed in the subject Ethics and Professional Responsibility.

Fiona understands the challenges family law professionals face, particularly time and cost pressures and ethical issues that arise in family law and mediation, and is passionate about utilising dispute resolution and legal technology to assist families reach resolution without court and educating the next generation of family lawyers and mediators.

Joanne Law

Joanne Law is the Director of Mediation Institute (Mi) and founder of the social enterprise not-for-profit Interact Support, which provides online dispute resolution services. As a professional educator she provides training for NMAS Mediators and Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution practitioners into ethical obligations for mediators and FDRP’s under the ethical standards and regulations that apply. As the director of Mi’s Membership services she’s responsible for developing and administering Mediation Institute’s independent complaint handling services for Mediators and FDRP’s.

Joanne undertakes investigations of complaints, determines consequences for substantiated complaints, provides coaching where poor practice is identified and has many preventative conversations with members who have ethical dilemmas. She’s passionate about the importance of maintaining high standards of ethical practice and supporting client’s human rights to self-determination in Mediation.

Dina Lioumis

Dina Lioumis is a member of the NSW Bar Association, having been admitted to the Bar in 2018. Prior to coming to the bar, Dina was admitted as a solicitor in 1990. Dina practiced in the area of family law, becoming an accredited specialist, and worked as a solicitor and solicitor advocate.

Dina’s 28 years of experience in family law includes sitting as a Registrar in the Family Court, working as a solicitor in Legal Aid as well as private practice, serving as a member of the Law Society Professional Conduct Committee. She has also taught evidence a and ethics at the University of Technology Sydney.

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