Pre-FDR Property Session


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The Pre-FDR Property Session includes the following steps:

  1. Confirm / update personal details - more info

  2. Confirm/update the identity, ownership and value of all items in the Balance Sheet - more info

  3. Review the documents and recommendations against each item - more info

  4. Obtain information about considerations - contributions and future needs - more info

  5. Go back to Balance Sheet and model proposals - more info

  6. Prepare reports for parties to prepare for mediation - more info

Below are some videos and blog posts regarding this stage of the Mediation, or you can click on the

relevant link above.

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Getting started

Get started with using

your dashboard


Our onboarding video

Your portal questionnaire launch balance
Flyer - connect liabilities attach debt

Connect debts

Attaching a debt to an

asset on your dashboard

Add an asset

or liability

Adding additional information to your dashboard

Flyer - spreadsheet assets and liabiliti
Flyer - share Client portal.jpg

Send the
client portal

Get the documents

from a party

Give the clients some homework

Add recommended documents to their client portal.

Flyer - choose which recommendations - g
Flyer - working with versions.png

Working with versions

How do versions work?  Send a version to your client.

Two pool calculations

Get FamilyProperty to calculate the pools separately for you.

Flyer - two pool calculations.png

Next steps

Now that you have reviewed the information you can move on to the second step, Preparation for Mediation session (before FDR Property Session).  Alternatively, if you like you can go back to the index.

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