Thank you for your support throughout 2020 and we look forward to working with you in 2021.

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As a Christmas gift to you we would like to offer you free attendance at our all day CLE events in January 2021.  They are online and we appreciate that some of you will have appointments at various points during the day so we will send video recordings to all participants.

Just register from this page to score your free attendance.


We will talk to a forensic accountant about setting up your practice properly in the first year, we will talk to a graphic designer about what you can do on Canva and what you need done properly (and how much that will cost), we will talk to a marketer about setting up your website and what to spend money on first, and we will talk to a sales person about the difference between selling a professional service and selling a product. 


There are other speakers in the works, we will let you know.

Financial separation simplified.

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