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What matters to us?


We take a team approach, partnering with other organisations to provide joint solutions, and working with clients to provide tech that addresses their pain points.


A willingness to quickly and easily adapt our product as we receive feedback, with a small team and a desire to grow and change as technology develops.


Looking for new and better ways of doing things, we like to push the norm.


We are online, available 24/7, we are mobile friendly and we have a focus on remote work.

Work / Life

The importance of balancing our work and our lives, including the Five F's (faith, family, friends, fitness and finances)

Keep learning

We learn from our own experiences as well as learning from others, and we are committed to continual education.

Justice focused

Helping families find just and equitable resolutions to their family law issues.


We support our staff to work as they need to, the same way that our lawyers and mediators are supporting their clients.  We are focused on our users and provide one - on 0ne support.

Free trial

Do you want a free 14 day trial,

with no credit card details required?

We think you will see these values shine through in our product and the way that you can use it.  We would love for you to sign up for a free trial and see what we have been working so hard on.

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