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Why don't you let a professional set up your legal chat bot as a lead magnet and build out the automated responses, so you can start 2021 off on the right foot?

For December we are offering 50% off our automation package.


Our product journey starts with the client intake questionnaire, which your clients can complete on their mobile or their computer.  If you haven't check out that feature yet then you can by interacting with the chat bot here.  


You can do it yourself

You can set up the Legal Chat Bot yourself if you like, we have instructions available in our blog to step you through the process.  It already works, out of the box, and will guide a client through giving you their basic details and opening a new matter.

Online questionnaire.png

If you want more

If you want to help, if you are too busy working in your business to set up all of this, then you can get one of the FamilyProperty team to help you personalise the product.

For $990 including GST one of our team can help you to set up more of your automation to create a better welcoming sequence for your clients.  This might look different for your firm, depending on where your work is sourced, but as an example for that price we could:

  • Set up the Legal Chat Bot - it is pre-programmed but we can work with you to improve the copy to more closely match your goal for using the Bot, and your target market

  • Set up the automated email that FamilyProperty sends to clients - we can help you with the copy and any images or documents you want to insert into the email

  • Set up the automated emails that FamiyProperty sends to your firm - for the internal emails who do you want them to go to?  What should they say?

  • Set up the email that sends the questionnaire to your clients - do you want to give them other information, or remind them of other information, when you send the questionnaire to them?

  • Add your firm logo and colours to the Chat Bot and any associated automations

  • Add a background image to the sign-in page for your clients to use FamilyProperty

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