I find the content of your emails really valuable.

I find the content of your emails really valuable and will always read through it when it pops into my inbox and follow through to most of the links.


There is always a good mix of topics covering marketing for lawyers, practice management, the legal profession generally and of course family law and new features of FamilyProperty.

Meg McFarlane - Kin Lawyers


Not your normal email list.

We work hard to provide valuable information to our email list, and you don't have to be a FamilyProperty user in order to sign up to receive our emails.  We also regularly ask our subscribers for feedback on the email list, because we pride ourselves on being an agile and collaborative team and we want to know how we can improve.

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Join our Flexible Family Law Facebook group, it is for all professionals in the Family Law ecosystem, not just lawyers.  We don't just discuss family law, we also discuss business skills and flexible working tips.  You can join for free, click on the link below.