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The unified platform for family property matters.

FamilyProperty equips you with the tools you need to more efficiently run family property matters and mediations from start to finish. Complete intakes, populate balance sheets, model offers, manage disclosure, design parenting arrangements and generate documents in minutes instead of hours, and enjoy the efficiencies that come with having everything connected and streamlined.  

Customisable intakes

The FamilyProperty intake questionnaire has been crafted on the Financial Statement using everyday language, and covers all aspects of a financial and parenting matter. Select which questions you would like each client to complete, providing tailored experiences.

Two-way disclosure

Two-way disclosure that's as simple as sharing a link. The FamilyProperty disclosure portal is like a "Dropbox" experience, only built for family law disclosure as the other party can upload disclosed files right back to you, with everything automatically categorised against the right item in your balance sheet.

Smart forms

FamilyProperty provides you with ready-made smart forms designed to help you collect the information you need to complete Court forms, compile case outlines and generate parenting and property orders. Smart forms have shareable links that make it simple to allow your clients to complete the forms.

Interactive balance sheets

Easy to learn, powerful enough for any asset pool. The FamilyProperty balance sheet supports target percentage outcomes, sub-balance sheets, two-pool calculations, cash adjustments, versioning. Compare proposals, and visually see the points in dispute. 

Parenting calendars

Design parenting parenting arrangements that automatically populate into an interactive calendar, allowing you to quickly reality test scenarios and see how it plays out of the next three years. Then, convert the parenting arrangements into comprehensive parenting plan and orders at a click of a button.

Document automation

From Balance Sheets to Heads of Agreements, Chronologies to Financial Statements and document indexes, FamilyProperty can generate a huge range of documents in Word and Excel formats. Everything you see on the screen can be converted into a professional document or Court form at a click of a button.

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