Word and Excel only go so far.

FamilyProperty rolls all the tools you need to manage property and parenting family law matters into a single connected platform.

Flexible intake questionnaires.

Family law matters are complex. Understanding and capturing important information from your clients can be difficult. The FamilyProperty intake questionnaire has been crafted on the Financial Statement using everyday language, and covers all aspects of a Family law property and parenting matter. You can define which aspects you would like your clients to complete, tailoring the experience for each of their unique situations.

Tailored for each client

Everyone's situation is different, and so should their intake experience be. You can select the topics that you want each client to complete, tailoring the experience and questions for them, making the process as streamlined as possible.

Mobile ready

The FamilyProperty questionnaire has been designed to be mobile friendly, so both you and your clients can complete it on any device, any time. The questionnaire saves your progress as you go, so you can complete it over a period of time as information is gathered.

Now you have their information, and your balance sheet is already populated!

Work with the most powerful Balance Sheet in the industry.

Easy to learn, powerful enough for any asset pool. The FamilyProperty balance sheet supports target percentage outcomes, sub-balance sheets, two-pool calculations, cash adjustments, versioning. Compare proposals, and visually see the points in dispute. The best parts? Store all relevant documents provided by your client and the other party right in your balance sheet, and convert your on-screen balance sheet into legal documents with a click of a button.

balancesheet-laptop (1).png
Import from Word & Excel

Populating your balance sheet is easy in FamilyProperty. You can import Family Courts formatted balance sheets in Word or Excel formats or quickly build up the contents of the balance sheet by hand.

 Work with versions

Create and work on many different versions of your balance sheet. This allows you to model various scenarios and offers and compare them, and then convert them into legal documents at a click of a button.

Percentage outcomes

FamilyProperty gives you the tools to model various outcomes, such as target percentages for each party. All you do is tell FamilyProperty how to reach the outcome, and it will keep doing the hard calculations for you.

Neutral balance sheet

Doing a mediation? Bring both balance sheets into an interactive neutral balance sheet which displays what's in agreement and dispute and allows you to work across both party's balance sheets at the same time.

Balance sheet ready! Now let's start on disclosure, with your client and the other party.

Disclosure that's as simple as sharing a link.

Empower your client to upload files to you through a client portal that recommends to them what to upload. Provide access to your disclosed files with the other party simply by sharing a link to your disclosure portal. The disclosure portal is like a "Dropbox" experience, only built for family law disclosure as the other party can upload disclosed files right back to you, with everything automatically categorised against the right item in your balance sheet.

Client portal

Want to get files from your client? Give your client a simple portal that automatically makes recommendations on the documents needed, and a simple way for them to upload their files. Files are automatically organised against the right items in your balance sheet. Already got their files? You can upload their files yourself straight into the balance sheet.

Disclosure portal

Ready to disclose a file? Simply share a link with the other side to your own branded disclosure portal that gives them the ability to access your disclosed files and share files back to you, organised into your balance sheet.

Getting bank statements

Need to get the latest bank statements from your client? Want to save hours in analysing them? Simply invite your client to use the  industry leading and secure BankStatements service in FamilyProperty to retrieve and analyse their bank statements in a matter of minutes, directly from their bank. Your balance sheet is updated saving you further effort.

Document indexes

FamilyProperty can automatically generate document indexes which detail every file uploaded and disclosed, neatly grouped under each item. Since FamilyProperty tracks dates like when files are downloaded, that's included too.

Disclosure is happening! Let's work on parenting arrangements.

Parenting arrangements that display in a calendar? Yes please.

Design and explore different parenting arrangements that are automatically displayed in an interactive calendar, enabling you and your client to see how they would play out day by day, month by month, even factor in changeover times. Then convert the parenting arrangements into robust parenting orders and parenting plans at a client of a button.

Interactive calendar

The innovative parenting calendar lets you reality test different parenting arrangements to see how they would work in real life within a monthly or fortnightly calendar. You'll be able to see which party has the child(ren) each night, and at what time changeovers will happen. Then download the calendar as a PDF for easy distribution.

Parenting plans and orders

Parenting arrangements designed on the screen can be intelligently converted into comprehensive parenting plans and parenting orders at a click of a button. These are Word documents so you can then review and make any further edits as required straight in Microsoft Word.

Time to draft documents, automatically of course.

Generate the document you need at a click of a button.

From Balance Sheets to Heads of Agreements, Parenting and Property  orders, Financial Statements and document indexes, FamilyProperty can generate a huge range of documents in Word and Excel formats anytime you need them. You can download our templates and customise them to reflect your organisation's brand and identity. Everything you see on the screen can be converted into a professional document or Court form at a click of a button.

Word and Excel formats

Balance sheets, offers and document indexes are all available in Word or Excel formats. Every document is provided in Word so you can always edit them as needed.

Court forms ready

Generate draft Application for consent orders forms and through a shareable smart form you can generate complete Financial Application forms, editable any time, at a click of a button.

Want to see it in action?

Book in an online demo to see how you can equip you and your team with the industry leading platform for family law professionals.