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Equip yourself and your team with our industry-leading platform to revolutionise the way you practice family law to ensure you stay focused on outcomes, not admin.

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Book in your free online demo to discover how to: 


  • Increase your productivity, save time, and streamline your legal admin processes. 

  •  Increase traffic and generate new business through our client-friendly, flexible intake questionnaire.

  • Streamline your client intake process and reduce your legal admin. 

  • Use the Interactive Balance Sheet to automate calculations and model multiple financial splits and proposals. 

  • Quickly generate documents including financial statements, court documents, consent orders, and more.



Choose a time that suits you using the booking link below.

What our clients say

FamilyProperty has been used by hundreds of family lawyers, mediators, and FDRP’s in their family law and mediation practice. Contact us today to find out you can focus on outcomes and not admin.

Melinda Winning.png

Melinda Winning, Partner at Barkus Doolan Winning

‘’ The biggest thing for me is the balance sheets, I find them really useful.


Being able to have the dashboard, the balance sheet, the issues, the parenting functionality In the initial consultation is brilliant. Just the other day I used the percentage slider -  it’s brilliant in mediation."

Kath Manby .png

Kath Manby, Principal Lawyer and Legal Practice Director, VM Family Law 

“FamilyProperty makes things easier for your practice. 


The visual aspect is important to show clients what these proposals look like at the click of a button without having to use my maths skills to get everything to balance. This is absolutely the most revolutionary thing about FamilyProperty - I am definitely one of your raving fans. "

David Gale.png

David Gale,  Accredited Specialist in Family Law, and Director, Gale Family Law

“ The interactive balance sheet is a great way to impress clients.


I use the client intake questionnaire for new clients. It is very difficult to design a client questionnaire for family law cases that is detailed enough yet not too overwhelming, and I think the FamilyProperty questionnaire strikes a good balance.''

Amanda Little .png

Amanda Little,  Principal Solicitor, Amanda Little and Associates 

‘’FamilyProperty is a vital tool in my practice.


My lawyers love the interactive Balance Sheet and the ability to show clients in real time – whether it be in mediation, court, or other negotiations – how offers of settlement will affect them.''

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