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We have a Facebook group where we share information that is relevant for those who are trying to work flexibly.  Our group isn't just for lawyers, it is for all people working in the family law ecosystem.  It is free to join.

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Why are you filling out a form?  The group is now at a size where there are a few reasons, many of which are common problems for people running Facebook groups:

  • We have gotten big enough that people are trying to join to spam us;

  • We have people trying to join to get free legal advice;

  • Many user names are pseudonyms and if they don't answer the questions it is difficult for me to figure out who they are;

  • Recent cases and developments in Facebook rules mean I need to know who is in the group; and

  • It takes a long time to go through a list of 14 new member requests, verify their identity, screen shot all their details and save it somewhere.

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