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On-boarding videos

The best place to learn how to get started with FamilyProperty!  We've put together four short videos that show you how to get started with the important aspects of FamilyProperty.


  • Quick start guide. This covers how to sign up, create a matter, introduces the questionnaire and dashboard modes. It also details how you can update your firm settings, account settings and matter settings.

  • Security FAQs. This document responds to security and privacy related questions that you, your clients, or your I.T team may have of FamilyProperty. It also discusses how to enable two-factor authentication.

Support enquiries

​Have a question, found a bug, a product suggestion, or just want to flag something with us? You can reach our support team by sending us an email to support (

Frequently asked questions

Below are responses to common asked questions about FamilyProperty.  

How secure is FamilyProperty?


Security and privacy is of paramount concern to us. Everything is encrypted at every stage, from browser-server transmissions, processing data, through to at rest storage. All data is stored within Australian based data-centres that implement state of the art security (read more about cloud and data-centre security compliance here). We don't store any credit cards, instead we leverage the best in the business provider Stripe. We have support for two-factor authentication to provide extra security for your account.

How customisable is FamilyProperty?

FamilyProperty can be white labeled to the point where you can display your firm's logo on all screens, and you can customise the legal bot and the document templates. We've designed FamilyProperty to collect the right information and equip you with the right tools, in a way that will appeal to your clients through to family law veterans alike. We believe that you won't need to change anything to get the most out of FamilyProperty, however if you would like your own customised version of FamilyProperty - please contact us.

How long does it take to set up FamilyProperty?

We've built FamilyProperty to be simple to use from day one, without the need for complex set up, installations or I.T. There are only a small amount of optional configuration, which can be completed in around 10 minutes. FamilyProperty is a cloud based product, so all you need is a web browser and internet connection to use it.

Do I have to use the legal bot?

You don't need to use the legal bot, it's an add-on that we believe will improve your client engagement through your website and can automate creation of matters from enquiries. It is not a requirement for using any other aspect of the FamilyProperty platform.

How is information safe-guarded?

All information collated in family property matter is completely private, only accessible to people you explicitly provide access to. There is fine grained control over user access levels, and what information can be accessed by which roles. You can revoke access at any time.

Who owns the data that is entered into FamilyProperty?

You own all the information, data and files that are entered into FamilyProperty. We have provided easy ways to export your information stored within each matter in the form of Word and Excel document exports, individual file downloads, and ZIP packages. We cannot access your data stored within FamilyProperty.

Do I have to involve my client?

Not at all! You can use all the tools within FamilyProperty purely within your firm, without any reduction in functionality. FamilyProperty has been design to be used collaboratively, however how you wish to leverage the collaborative aspects is up to you.

Who has access to the Neutral Balance sheet?

The neutral balance sheet is available to people who have access to both parties' dashboards in a joint matter. By default this is only the creator (i.e the mediator) of the joint matter. Users who are provided access to one side of a joint matter (e.g a party's lawyer) will only have access to their party's dashboard, not the neutral balance sheet.

As a mediator, if I provide access to a party's lawyer, can they invite other people?

No, only administrators of a matter can provide access to other users. We recommend that the lawyer makes a request to you (the admin) to provide access to any additional people (e.g their client or team members).

Is information stored in FamilyProperty re-used or shared?

Absolutely not! It's secured and only accessible to people you determine. All information added into FamilyProperty is your property. We do not share, sell or expose your information in any way.

Do you store my credit card?

We don't store any credit cards, instead we leverage the best in the business provider Stripe to securely store credit cards and process any charges. You can update the credit card we have on file at any time through the "firm settings" screen.

When do you use my credit card for charges?

We will charge your credit card that we have on file when you start your firm's subscription (the commencement date of your billable year), and then we will automatically charge your credit card we have on file on each anniversary of your billable year to renew your firm's subscription. Your firm administrator will receive a tax invoice following the successful transaction via email.

We will also automatically charge the credit card we have on file when you (or anyone in your firm) opt to either create a matter in dashboard mode, or upgrade an existing matter into dashboard mode (known as a "per matter" fee).


We will always provide you with an option to either proceed with the "per matter" fee, or switch the matter back to questionnaire mode, which does not incur the "per matter" fee, prior to processing the charge. Your firm administrator will receive a tax invoice following the successful transaction via email.

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