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Welcome to the FCFCOA pilot.

The FCFCOA FamilyProperty pilot enables you to easily and securely submit the financial information required for a Conciliation Conference and to model the impact of settlement proposals in a highly interactive way during the conference.

FCFCOA FamilyProperty Pilot Introduction
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What is a 
Conciliation Conference?

A conciliation conference is a confidential dispute resolution event for financial proceedings. The conference will be conducted by a Judicial Registrar, who is highly trained in both the law and dispute resolution. The Conciliation Conference is an important opportunity for the parties to reach agreements that bring the legal proceedings to an end.

Information regarding the Conciliation Conference is set out in the Court's Publication: The Conciliation Conference.

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How it works.

FamilyProperty is an online platform thatallows for the collection of and organisation of the information needed to understand the parties' financial circusmtances, build an interactive balance sheet, model property settlement outcomes, draft orders, and generate and submit the required court documents.

Watch the webinar hosted by Senior Judicial Registrar Anne-Marie Rice (the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia's Executive Director of Dispute Resolution) and the FamilyProperty Pilot Project team where they explain exactly how the Pilot works and answer any questions that practitioners had in relation to it.