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Queensland border to close to NSW and ACT

It has just been announced yesterday (3 August) morning that Queensland will close its border to all of NSW and the ACT from 1:00am on Saturday 8 August 2020.

Queenslanders who return after travelling there will be sent to mandatory hotel quarantine for 14 days at their own expense.

All visitors will be denied entry except for rare exemptions. Read more about that here.


High Court Judgment - Lewis v Australian Capital Territory

This is an interesting case to an administrative lawyer (me) where a failure to meet the requirements of procedural fairness was not enough to ground more than nominal damages, because the appellant's position "was no different from the position he would have been in if the Board had not acted unlawfully in cancelling his periodic detention". Here is the relevent link from the Judgment handed down yesterday.


Calls to Lifeline high in Canberra

In July, Lifeline Canberra answered 4,400 calls — almost 900 more than any single month previously. The record rise in calls has taken its toll on Lifeline's volunteer workforce, the director says. You can read more about that here.


AIS to be sold off

The Australian Sports Commission plans to sell off part of the Australian Institute of Sport and turn the facility into a centre of excellence for Paralympic and women's sports, as well as a sports technology hub. You can read that news story here.


Wearing a mask in ACT

The ACT is currently COVID-free – however, the risk of the virus returning to the Territory is edging higher. As NSW residents are urged to wear masks there is apparent 'panic buying' of masks in ACT. The ACT government has already indicated that it may require mask wearing. Woolworths are highly recommending but not requiring masks in NSW, ACT and Qld from 3 August.


Do algorithms need legislation?

Dubbed as the "first in the world", the Algorithm Charter for Aotearoa New Zealand, according to Minister for Statistics James Shaw, will improve data transparency and accountability, especially when algorithms are being used to process and interpret large amounts of data.

"Using algorithms to analyse data and inform decisions does not come without its risks," he said. The charter has so far been signed by 21 agencies, including The Ministry of Justice.


Have you heard about our webinar next week? It is a free webinar on superannuation and family law covering basic issues, like what do do with those questions in the Application for Consent Orders, contemporary issues like COVID superannuation withdrawals, and ongoing difficulties like whether to take pre-relationship superannuation balances back out of the funds available for distribution.

You can register for the webinar using the form below. If you are not available next Monday but you would like to receive a free video recording of the webinar then you can register for that here.

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