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Automate your client onboarding

Do you want to use FamilyProperty to automate your client onboarding? You can combine our legal chat bot with some free automation, like a free Mailerlite or Zapier account, to improve your client onboarding experience. If you want to try it out you can visit this part of our website, interact with our chat bot and see what sort of emails you can automatically receive in response.

I can share with you the links for the actual Zaps (automations from Zapier) that I used to make that happen, so that you can copy the ones you like into your own system. If you are interested in that please complete your details here.


There are a number of different ways that you can automate your client onboarding, but this is how I chose to do it, as it fit in with what I was trying to achieve.

Go to your Account menu, choose Legal Bot, and then you will see this screen. Click on "Email templates".


Now I chose to do this by setting up a free gmail account that will only be used for this purpose. This means that I can find all the data for all new enquiries in this one place. You can always forward all emails from this account to your work one if you are worried about missing something important. You can also, conveniently, forward it to more than one person, maybe to the person who is meant to follow up new enquiries and also to the partner responsible for this.

Once you have figured out which email address you are going to use put it into here ("Send lawyer emails to"). Notice that the bot allows me to set a different 'from' address, so the enquirer is still only seeing your professional address.


Now scroll down and change the email to the lawyer. To make the automation work without being required to understand coding I have added the email address for the new enquiry to the subject line. I am doing this because later I will get the automation to pull out the subject line and use it to send emails.

There is a list of the data tags in a few places (look above the heading Email to lawyer and you will see in small blue writing "View the data tags reference table.") However if you type in this it will work for these purposes - {{}}


Click update, and now when you get a new enquiry you will get an email with the new enquirer's email address in the subject line.

Before I move on I want to remind you that you can customise the email that the chat bot sends in response to this initial enquiry, read how to do that here. The reason that you would do this automation is if you want to add them to your CRM system or your mailing list, or perhaps you want to use your mailing list to wait a day and then send a follow up email.


Now Gmail won't talk directly to every other program, they (Google) have a limitation on what programs they will talk to. What I had to do to get the automated response from Mailerlite was -

  1. Set up a Zap in Zapier that automatically took the email from FamilyProperty and put the information into a Google Sheet (which is Google's approximation of Excel) - as part of that I made sure that the subject line of the email was it's own column

  2. Set up a Zap in Zapier that sent an automatic email in response to these new enquiry emails by using the subject line of the email as the 'to' address

  3. Set up a Zap that automatically took any new line from that Google Sheet, took the subject line column, and put that information into a specific Mailerlite group I had set up for new enquiries

  4. Set up an automatic email inside of Mailerlite that sent an email every time someone was added to that group I set up (in paragraph 3 above) - I could have also set a delay here so that it waited a day or two and sent a follow up email

You may not want to do all of these steps, for instance you may not want to send the additional emails at steps 2 and 4, you may just want to use steps 1 and 3 to automatically put any new enquiries into your email list.

Zapier allows me to send a copy of my actual Zap, so if you are interested in doing any of these steps then you can fill out your information here and I will send you a copy of the Zaps, as well as some information on setting up an automated email inside of Mailerlite. The information won't be sent to you automatically, I need to check the enquiry is authentic so I don't I give unnecessary information about my mailing list to a spam bot. I know that you are probably keen to get moving though so I will give it to you quickly.


We want to help you

If you are a FamilyProperty user then we want to help you to set up your account properly.

Please reach out to us by telephone or by email and we will help you with all of this.

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