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Client spotlight - Cassandra Kalpaxis - Kalpaxis Legal

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Janis - Congratulations on being a finalist in the Sole Practitioner of the Year Awards, and then also a finalist in the Women in Law Boutique Diversity Firm of the Year awards. Why do you think your firm was able to gain attention on a national scale?

Cassandra - Thank you. I think the recognition we received really stemmed from the commitment we have to practising family law differently at Kalpaxis Legal. We have a real client focus here and are not afraid to step outside of the box to triage our clients' separation holistically, and ensure each aspect of their separation is addressed, which I think is very different from traditional family law.


Janis - You have also recently published a book, tell us about that?

Cassandra - I wrote Dignified Divorce to ensure that people knew that there was a different way to separate, instead of the traditional acrimonious separation that we all hear about. It is also a guide aimed at educating people about each of their options during a separation so that by the time they attend their Lawyers office, they have looked into their own needs and are able to understand what needs to happen and which is the best pathway for them moving forward.


Janis - It is no secret that Family Law is a tough gig, and that there are other less stressful areas of law you could pursue. What makes you want to do Family Law?

Cassandra - Family is my passion. It is what I know, and I understand family more than anything. There are days where it is super tough being in family law, that’s no secret, and it’s a fact that I spend more time each year helping other people with their families, then I do with my own. However, I truly do enjoy helping my clients navigate what is an extremely stressful time for them in a way that ensures they feel supported, empowered and educated about their choices. I am committed to bettering the family law system, and advancing the practice into the modern world. I don't think I could do anything else.


Janis - Tell me about your practice, what do you do, what is different?

Cassandra - We are extremely client-focused. We triage issues early. We refer onto a number of professionals both in house and externally for a range of “non-legal” issues in order to ensure that each aspect of the families separation is treated.

We are heavily invested in using ADR to resolve disputes and view court as absolutely a last resort. We are also very team focused. When you sign on as a client at KL you don't just see one Lawyer, we each have our own strengths in the office and we use those collectively as a team to ensure our clients obtain the best outcome for their families.


Janis - I note that you use FamilyProperty in your practice, what is it about FamilyProperty that makes it valuable to you as a sole practitioner?

Cassandra - My team and I regularly use Family Property. From a client's perspective, it is so much easier uploading documents into one portal and obtaining reports which highlight the expenditure, income etc of the parties, and formulates proposals.

It saves time and money which are two things my clients are always concerned about and I think are valuable considerations in a separation. It does the job we once did over several weeks, in a few hours.


Janis - What are you looking forward to in your business this year, what changes, legal tech or innovation are you hoping to roll out?

Cassandra - I have big plans in 2021 for KL. We have had a great year and achieved a lot of goals, but next year I am planning on automating even more, and I am looking to give my clients a greater range of separation pathways and options to ensure that we can resolve their disputes early on whilst saving them precious time and money.

For now and over Christmas, I am certainly looking forward to being with my husband and my children and just spending precious family time together.


Update from 2021

Kalpaxis Legal are running a divorce retreat specifically for women who are going through a separation and would like to connect, with different collaborative professionals to help with all of the 'other' parts of a family law separation.


Kalpaxis Legal

If you want to find out more about Cassandra Kalpaxis or her firm, Kalpaxis Legal, you can visit them at their website, Facebook page or Instagram page.


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