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Dashboard - using auto calculate

Tim has added a little calculator to your dashboard to make it quick and easy for you to use the auto-calculate feature. Did you notice the change?

If you use it by just putting in the percentage and clicking 'Apply' then the product will automatically add in a cash line adjustment.

If you want to use the other options they are all still there, just click Show all options.


Using auto-calculate to model proposals

If you know the parties are aiming at a certain split then you can tell FamilyProperty what the split is, and as you move assets around it will recalculate the assets for you to keep the split the same. So, say that the parties are aiming at 60/40.


If you want something other than a cash adjustment, say you want the house sold and split to bring about a 60/40 split, then you can still do that by choosing the other options.


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