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Our Financial Statement

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Did you know that you can now have your client complete the Financial Statement by merging the information that you have already obtained from the client and sending the client a link to complete the rest.

We know that getting details for the Financial Statement can be difficult for both you and the client, and they can feel like the document just isn't relevant which means that they aren't engaging with it. We have been working on a portal for the clients to complete the balance of the information that is needed for the Financial Statement, that is the information that you haven't already collected through our client intake questionnaire.

We have included the rules about Financial Disclosure at the beginning of the document, and some question marks along the way with explanations to help your client give you accurate information.

The smart form will auto populate the information that has already been shared through Family Property, either through the client portal or through information that the solicitor has put into the dashboard. This reduces repetition and saves you time.

The document is a smart form, not a locked word document. This means that if you have more information to put in one section (for instance, more than one motor vehicle) then the form will grow to accommodate that, rather than you trying to squish information into predefined areas.

You can send a link to the client to complete it easily on their laptop or their mobile phone, just like the client intake questionnaire. This is a much more user friendly approach than sending them the form itself, as this online portal focuses on the information that they still need to complete rather than presenting them with information that you already have.

If you are already using FamilyProperty then we have provided some instructions for you here to get you started, though it is pretty user friendly.

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