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Four things you should embed

I was excited the other week when I discovered that I can embed my scheduling tool into my website, and so it got me thinking, what other simple things should we be embedding that we may not already be doing? This is what I came up with.


Your scheduling app

Hopefully you are already using a scheduling app, or you read my four free automations post and you are now using a scheduling app.

Are you using that form to make it as easy as possible for people to book in with you? Is it on your 'Contact us' page? Is it on the bottom of that blog post that you just shared to social media hoping to net some new clients?

As an example, here is my scheduling app as an embedded form, and I might say "I would love to book in a demo with you so that I can show you how our product can help. You could choose a time below that suits you, or feel free to email me at "


Your email list

If you have an email list, are you embedding a sign up form for that email list in your blogs or your website? Most email list providers have a process for embedding forms, I am a fan of Mailerlite's forms and there doesn't appear to be a limit on the number of forms or subscriber groups you can create on a free plan. Here is a form that a person could use to sign up to our FamilyProperty mailing list, if they wanted to.


Website forms

Now strictly speaking this is not so much embedding a form, but rather using your website's existing functionality, however I thought it was too important not to mention. Unfortunately Wix does not allow us to embed forms into our blog posts, but I know other sites like Squarespace have some really great functionality including storing your form information into a Google sheet, which you can then automate out using many different free automation tools out there. If you would like to see the Wix form though you can check it out here.


Quick surveys

In a busy world it is really hard to collect data or feedback, like really hard. If you are #diymarketing then how do you know what is valuable, what content people want more of? Have you tried embedding some really quick, one answer, click a button surveys into some of your content? Maybe you want to know if the content is useful? Maybe you want to know how they found out about your firm? Maybe you want to know where they live (and therefore whether they are local to your practice)? Maybe you have defined your ideal client and you want to ask a quick question to see if this content is indeed reaching your ideal client?

Data is power, because it allows you to make decisions about your own business moving forward rather than relying on advice from other people about what you should or should not be doing.

I had to dig a bit but I discovered that you can actually embed a Google Form survey using embedded code, though it isn't exactly front and centre in Google's own information because they want you to set up a Google website. I have embedded the code below using this link to help me figure out how. Perhaps your website provider allows you to have forms inside of your blog posts, but if they don't this is a really great workaround. The information also (naturally) populates into a Google Sheet, and so you can use other automations or you can easily transfer or upload this information if you wanted to use the data for something else.


Any others?

Have you recently discovered something else that you can embed, and you wish you had figured it out sooner? I would love to hear from you if you have.

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