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Legal Aid NSW - External lawyer training

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

If you missed this webinar you can still get a copy of it sent to you, just use the form at the bottom of this blog post.

The webinar was run jointly with Legal Aid NSW to provide information about the Property Mediation Pilot generally, and how to use FamilyProperty as part of that pilot if your client is a participant in the pilot.

What is the Property Mediation Pilot?

As part of the Commonwealth’s Women’s Economic Security statement, legal aid commissions around the country have been funded to administer a Property Mediation Pilot to help separating couples use mediation to divide a small amount of property. The Pilot will assist separating couples who may not otherwise qualify for a grant of legal aid.

This pilot allows Legal Aid clients (who may not otherwise be eligible for legal aid under our usual policies) to be represented in FDR matters. The second party in that matter will also be automatically eligible for funding to cover his or her representation in the mediation by lawyers on the Legal Aid NSW family law panel.

The Pilot is only for property matters. Children’s matters will be conducted through a grant of legal aid in the normal way.

How will clients access the Pilot?

Intake into the Pilot will be managed through the Family Law Inhouse Practice. Once a client is identified as suitable, the Family Dispute Resolution Service at Legal Aid NSW will contact the other party: see intake information. The other party can be privately represented or can be funded through the Pilot.

The mediation will be conducted using the FamilyProperty app and that is the reason for this training.


Want to attend?

If you would like to register for the training then you can do that using the form below.

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