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Marketing your mediation business - your target market

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

A very important part of your marketing strategy is your target market. You cannot understand what the needs and wants are for everybody, and actually you don't want everybody to be your client. You have an ideal client and you should focus on that.


Of those who can pay - Of those who will pay

Who might use your service? In the case of mediators you have a very specific type of person who will use your service, either family lawyers, or self-represented parties who are going through a separation.

You might have lots of engaged and active followers but if you are not reaching these people then you are not actually marketing.

How do I do that?

It is important that you are using the results of your study, that is, your own data. Many people will tell you that you need to put out lots of content, stuff that is relevant to your product or service but also lots of other content. Will that work for you? I don't know. What I know is that will work for many people but it will not work for everyone.

So for the first step you need to go back through your previous clients, actual real clients, and find some examples of your ideal client. Do not use hypothetical people here, use real people. You are using these questions to both create a picture of your target market, and to start to understand what channel or content will work for you.

In the checklist (sign up for it below) I step you through the questions to ask and the data to create.


If you have a brand new practice, so no old sales to look back at, then you should still reach out to me because we are running an all-day event in January 2021 for people starting their own mediation practice.


So the next step in your journey is planning some content.

You can read more about content here.


If you want to get my worksheet that steps you through the above steps, and then helps you to come up with a strategy based upon the data that you collect then please complete your details below. My worksheet includes how to market if your clients are coming to you through Facebook, Instagram, Google, an existing email list or business referrers (so B2B). It also includes steps you through questions to help you to properly identify with specificity your target market, and then their needs and wants, and then some prompts to help you to keep your marketing on-message and directed to those needs and wants.

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