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Preparation for mediation - Clear proposal sliders and auto-calculations

In preparation for your mediation you need to clear the proposal sliders and auto-calculations for both parties so that you can come to the mediation with a 'clean slate'. All the asset information will still be there, but you can start modelling proposals again with the parties.

All you have to do is click on Balance sheets and then 'Clear all proposals'. You need to do this on each party's dashboard. If you forget how to switch dashboards you can read about that here.

This will also remove any auto-calculations. This is important to ensure that there is a blank canvas (ie clear whiteboard) before you go into the mediation.


More help?

Have you visited our Mediator help page, with a flow chart to help you find the information that you need for the stage that you are at. Click on the laptop image below to visit that page.

You will find more videos and blog posts with instructions to use the product to conduct an effective and efficient mediation. Please let us know if there is another topic that you would like us to provide instructions for.


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