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Queensland news - 12.08.2020

This is the weekly update for our Queensland subscribers. If you would like to join our state based mailing lists you can do that here.


Extension for electronic signing

It seems that the rules around signing necessary documents for Corporations have been extended until March 2021, though there is some confusion around how the rules will apply. You can read more about that here.


Queensland borders remain closed to NSW and ACT

As the borders remain closed there are now concerns about family law matters, and families living across the border, as the mooted allowance for those families has not been made yet and all of NSW is now effectively a 'hot spot'. Those families would need to pay to go into hotel quarantine at each changeover for 14 days, making it unlikely that Court Orders will be complied with. Read more about that here.


Olympic gold medallist Chantelle Newbery fails to turn up at court

Her lawyer said that she had indicated she would show, she was not on bail, her matter is in court again next week. You can read more about that here.


Did you miss our webinar this week, but still want to receive a copy of the video to watch later? You can register for that here.

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