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Using Canva - reusing an existing project

If you have a project that you already like, say a template that you used to share some customer feedback, and you simply want to change the text or update product a similar copy then you can do that in Canva too.

If you are just starting out with Canva then please start with my basics blog here, I don't re-explain previous steps in the ongoing blogs.

First start by making a copy of the project. You can do that inside of the project at the top left hand side of the screen in the File menu, or you can do it from the 'All your designs' section. Simply find the design you want, click the three dots in the top right hand corner of that design and you get this drop down menu.

Click on Make a copy and then open the copy. Change the name when you open the copy so that you don't end up with lots of projects called 'copy of'.

I might add as an aside that you can of course make a copy of the project within the same file, so just copy another page within it, though this doesn't give you the option of giving it a different file name and over time you will be glad that you have given your projects all these file names.


In this case I have feedback from the same client, so I will be changing the words and also the image so that it is relevant to the feedback. This is much quicker than creating a whole new template becuase I already have colours that I like and the reference to the client i scorrect.

This is the existing template.


This is the feedback but it is much shorter than the last feedback, which means I need to increase the size of the text a little but not so much that it looks awkward.

I increased the text size to 48 and dragged the apostrophe down to be closer to the text.


Now I want to change the image behind it, so I will start with deleting the existing image, and then find the image that I want in folders. All of this is covered in the basics blog.

Now this looks fine, but partly because I don't love it, and partly as an example, I am going to do a few other things.


I am going to start with a second block of colour behind the text, as there is too much white. If you look in the top right hand corner there is a series of images, the second one from the right is the duplicate button. You will know you have the right button cause when you hover your mouse over it, it says Duplicate. If your colour clock is selected (which it is in the image above) then you can hit Duplicate and get a second colour block.

I changed the colour of the second block and then used the "Position" button to move it behind the text and the white block, both of which I have explained in previous blog posts.


Now in order to move this text around I am going to group it. To do this I hold down shift on my keyboard, and I use my mouse to click on all the parts that I want to group. This will result in them all being held in the same proportion, the same look and size and space from each other, so that I can then move it around the design easily.

When you start clicking on the items and have more than one, the option to "Group" should come up in the top right hand corner next to the "Position" option. Once you have clicked everything you want to click then you can hit group. Now you have a group of items that you can easily move side to side.


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