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We’ve been acquired by Smokeball!

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Just over three years ago, Professor Patrick Parkinson OAM came to Fiona and Tim Kirkman (a couple in law and technology) with an idea - to streamline how family law is practised through technology in order to empower family law professionals to focus more on outcomes and not administration, and reach settlements more efficiently, amicably and cost effectively.

Inspired and wanting to revolutionise the practise of family law, Tim and Fiona built FamilyProperty - the first end-to-end platform specifically designed for family law professionals - and having spent the last three years listening, learning and developing it into a platform that is used every day by lawyers, mediators and organisations such as Legal Aid, Family Relationship Centres and Community Legal Centres across Australia.

We could not have imagined that we would have met such a passionate group of people who would use our product, constantly provide helpful feedback and come on this crazy journey with us.

Today, we are very excited to announce that we are combining our efforts with Smokeball, a trailblazer in the legal practice management space in Australia and the United States.

Smokeball has been a board member of FamilyProperty since its inception. So, we knew that its team shared our vision for family law and that coming together would be exactly what we needed to take FamilyProperty to the next level and make it the ‘must have’ software for family law professionals in Australia and beyond.

Under the Smokeball umbrella, FamilyProperty will continue to be the industry-leading platform for family law professionals, and our existing, new and future subscribers will not be impacted in any way. All that the acquisition means is that we can innovate faster, grow our team, and focus even more of our passion on our customers and users which is great news for everyone.

FamilyProperty will also integrate into Smokeball even more than it does now, which is an exciting development for its subscribers that use Smokeball. (Don’t worry, you’ll be able to continue to use FamilyProperty without Smokeball.)

Additionally, there won’t be any change to our leadership or team as Fiona and Tim will continue to lead FamilyProperty under the current and expanded team!

We’d like to take this moment to thank those who have made all this possible:

Firstly, our investors and board - Professor Patrick Parkinson OAM, Terry Giannakopoulos of Binary Zen and Smokeball - who have been on this journey from the start with us and have provided leadership and support that has been second to none.

Secondly, our team - Samantha Eades, Shannel Fanous, Beth Barclay, Therese Aroyan, Nick Ellercomp and Stefanie Costi - who have been instrumental in building this platform with us and who are just as passionate about it as we are.

And, last but not least, our valued subscribers, users, partners and champions. Thank you for coming along for the roller coaster ride. There is more to come so hang on tight!

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Want to see FamilyProperty in action?

Shannel would love to show you how our product can help you in a free private demo. Choose a time that suits you using the booking link below.

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