Analyse bank statements in seconds.

Drag and drop PDF bank statements and get instant analysis of income and expenses to help you with discovery.


How it works.


Upload a PDF bank statement file


We analyse the transactions, generating an interactive report


Receive the analytics report in an email within seconds

Save manual effort

No more need to print out statements and highlight by hand transactions. Get a searchable interactive report in seconds that groups income and expenses into 52 different categories that you can review online. The analysis AI engine never misses a line.

Analyse both sides

You can now get powerful insights from your clients and the other side's bank statements. This means you can quickly and reliably identify important expense items, and get a complete picture of income sources.

Gain powerful insights

Gain x-ray vision into the flow of money in and out of accounts straight from bank statement files. See transactions automatically grouped into spending categorisations. Quickly identify transactional trends and find points that require further investigation.

Easy disbursement

Our pricing is simple: $10 per bank statement file analysed, a cost which you can pass onto your clients as a disbursement. Free your team up from manual discovery tasks and focus on providing valuable legal services and advice.


How much does this cost?

Our pricing is simple: $10 (AUD inc. GST) per PDF bank statement document analysed. It doesn't matter if the PDF document has one or 50 pages, the charge will still be $10 AUD. You won't be charged for any PDF files that can't be analysed. You will receive an invoice via email for each document that is successfully analysed.

Can I try this for free?

Absolutely, you can try your first bank statement analysis on us! Just click on the big button above and then drag and drop a PDF bank statement document you'd like analysed. You'll then receive your free analytics report for that PDF bank statement in a follow-up email. The whole process should take less than 60 seconds.

What financial institutions are supported?

All major banks and financial institutions are supported, as are savings, transactional, business, credit card and mortgage accounts.

Please note that the bank statement document must be a PDF document provided directly from the financial institution, and poor quality scans or faxed copies may not be analysable.

How secure is this service?

Only PDF bank statement documents are needed for analysis. We don't ask for bank details or require your client to do anything. We don't store your original uploaded PDF document, and once you have downloaded your analytics report we delete it from our servers. 

Everything is encrypted at every stage, from browser-server transmissions, processing data, through to at rest storage. All data is stored within Australian based data-centres that implement state of the art security (read more about cloud and data-centre security compliance here). 

How many documents can I analyse?

PDF documents are uploaded one at a time, however you can get an unlimited number of documents analysed. Each document uploaded and analysed incurs a $10 charge. 

How long does it take to analyse a bank statement?

It depends on the number of pages in the statement, however typical analysis takes around 20 seconds up to 2 minutes. 

What format is the analytics report delivered in?

You will receive separate analytics reports for each PDF bank statement that is analysed. The analytics report is available in an HTML file, which can be opened and interacted with using all major web browsers, as well as an Excel spreadsheet. 

What level of detail is included in the analytics file?

Transactions are analysed and broken down into in income sources and expense categorisations. Expenses are categorised into 52 different categories (e.g dining out, groceries, gambling, etc), which are fully searchable to help you locate a specific transaction quickly. The overall spending trend is displayed in an interactive timeline graph so you can see patterns and understand the level of activity.

Is this compatible with my practice management system?

Because the analytics report files are standard HTML and Excel files, they can uploaded and stored against your client matter record in all major practice management systems. 

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