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Used by everyone

​Our product is used by all different parts of the family law ecosystem, including - 

  • clients

  • lawyers 

  • mediators with a legal background

  • mediators with a social science background

  • family relationship centres

  • government departments (including Legal Aid NSW)

  • administrative staff

  • barristers

  • law students

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Have questions?

We would love to book a free, private
demonstration with you to show how
our product will help you make your
work more client-focused.
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Bring everyone together

Our product was intentionally created to be useful to all parties in the family law ecosystem, because the product was always supposed to be collaborative.

If a product is great for lawyers but it isn't user friendly for the clients then we know that isn't helpful, or it isn't helpful enough.  

Head over to our testimonials page to see what our users tell us about using FamilyProperty to keep their clients in the loop.

On the same page

You can use our product to help to get the clients on the same page, literally.

They can see their offer or position next to the other side's position and you can use it to reality test their approach, or to get them focused on the numbers and away from the dispute.

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