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Attaching a debt to an asset

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

We know in family law matters that there are often debts and assets that travel together, maybe it is a home and a home loan, or a business and a credit card. Whatever it is in FamilyProperty you can attach the liability to the relevant asset so that as settlement proposals are made the two move together. This makes it easier to model the proposals for your client, and reduces the risk of error when you are calculating percentages.

The asset and liability will visually sit next to each other, and move together when you use the sliders.

The product will also auto calculate the subtotal for the asset and liability that you have attached to each other.



Click on the liability that you want to connect, just anywhere along the line.


You will get this screen when you click on the liability.


Click on "Connect this liability to:"


Choose the asset you want to connect the liability to.


Click Save.


You have now connected the asset and liability.


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