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Being a family lawyer

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

I have been looking around for some statistics in relation to being a lawyer in NSW or Australia, what the stressors are, what we spend our day on, and there is painfully little information out there. I am particularly frustrated that there is no apparent engagement with this while the Government is talking about combining the two court systems that are serving family law clients.

If you are a family lawyer you could help me collect information regarding - 

  • the actual causes of stress in the industry

  • what those inside the industry think should be done

Typically you cannot fix a problem, or draw attention to the problem, without data.  I have created a survey to try and get some larger-scale feedback about that, using a few earlier smaller surveys to inform the questions I would ask.  I would love it if you could spare 3 minutes of your time to complete this survey.  I will of course happily share the results, in fact that is the whole point of the survey.


If you have any thoughts on this survey please feel free to reach out to me by email

If you need help or assistance I recently updated our mental health blog post with some more resources, please check it out here.

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