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Client spotlight - Kirsty Salvestro - Flourish Family Law

Janis - Family Law is tough, and your firm is definitely trying to do something different in that space. What is it that you are doing at Flourish Family Law?

Kirsty - At Flourish I only offer out of court family law solutions. After 14 years of litigation I wanted to teach clients how to avoid court and resolve their family law issues as amicably as possible. My aim is to create calm and peaceful solutions following separation. I focus on behaviour, values and morals to ensure that clients are being their best self during a separation. My goal is to help as many families as possible navigate this difficult time in a calm and cost effective manner and to also have them finish the process feeling proud of their behaviour and their outcomes. I believe that if clients can do this, they will benefit in so many ways as will their entire family.


Janis - Congratulations on your upcoming book. What surprised you the most about the process of getting that book out of your head and into a published product?

Kirsty - Thank you! I started writing the book to help my clients and truly loved the writing process. Over my years practising as a lawyer, I found that there were many steps and stages of the family law process that could easily be done by clients if they just knew what to do.

I felt frustrated that they would spend so much time and money on simple steps and wanted to try and help them streamline their preparation. I also knew that often it was behaviour and emotions that was getting in the way and felt that if they focused on those issues first then they would be able to move forward in a more positive way. Once I started writing I was surprised as to how much clients can actually do on their own and where they can avoid spending huge legal fees and more importantly, if they were able to check in on their behaviour regularly, their pathways would be so different.


Janis - Is your practice mostly online, or do you do more face to face work in Cooma?

Kirsty - I do have a large face to face client base in the Snowy Monaro Region, but also do face to face with clients in the Canberra region. Over the last year my online client base has gradually increased where I do a lot of work via phone and Zoom.

This has worked really well for clients and allowed me to assist clients on a greater scale. I surprisingly found that during the pandemic, more clients preferred the online option as it made them feel safer and more at ease in their home environment.


Janis - You use FamilyProperty in your practice, what is it about FamilyProperty that makes it attractive to you as a sole practitioner?

Kirsty - The program is easy to use, allows me a greater level of structure and organisation for my clients and the intake process saves me time going through basic details with my clients. I also love the client portal which again saves me time and saves muy client money when they can access and upload all of their own documents.


Janis - what other tech are you using in your practice?

Kirsty - I use quite a bit of tech in my business. Anything that helps me streamline my client processes. I use LEAP as my client Document management system. Xero for accounting. Calendly for appointments. Hubspot for Marketing.


Janis - What are you looking forward to in the next year, what is going to be happening for you or for Flourish Family Law?

Kirsty - I really am excited to launch my book on 29 January 2021 but in addition to launching my book, I will be launching an online step by step program that follows the guide used in my book as well as a face to face program. The aim is to support clients through this “do-it-yourself” stage of the process so that they can be ready and well prepared for the path ahead.


Flourish Family Law

If you want to find out more about Kirsty Salvestro or her firm, Flourish Family Law, you can visit them at their website, Facebook page or Instagram page.

You can also order her book or sign up for her online course by clicking the relevant image below.


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