• Janis Donnelly-Coode

Client intake questionnaire - choose which parts you send your clients

Updated: Sep 6

We have always loved the client intake questionnaire in our product, probably because Professor Patrick Parkinson spent a year getting it right. However we also love feedback from our clients, and based on feedback we have now customised our questionnaire so that you do not have to ask all of your clients all of the questions.

Our client questionnaire is comprehensive for a reason, that reason being that all of the information is necessary. However, we know that some clients cannot actually cope with all of those questions all at once so we made a change.

Let's take a closer look at what we are talking about.

Some of the feedback that we got was that clients were getting too focused on the uploading files stage, not submitting their form until they had absolutely every single piece of information and each document. Some clients were also getting upset by the income and expenses section, and lawyers were finding it difficult to get the clients to refocus on assets rather than my income vs their income. With this new change you can choose which sections you want your client to complete.

You can still complete the other information later, with the client, through the dashboard using a web based video conferencing system and screen share. You could even use this intake questionnaire simply to get their personal details if you think that is all they are up to and you need to get a file opened.

Choose fewer options, put the client's email address in, hit save and it will head off to your client's inbox. They can complete it in their own time on their laptop or even on their phone and then send it back to you.

If you would like to try this out then you should sign up for our free trial. You can can use the customised client intake questionnaire as part of your free trial, or if you already have a subscription then the questionnaire is part of your yearly subscription and so you can try it for free too. If you want to keep up to date with all changes to the product, and be provided with comprehensive instructions so you can use the product more efficiently, then you should join our mailing list for our current clients by clicking on the button below.

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