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Automate your client intake

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

We know our subscribers love our online client intake questionnaire, well now your new clients can launch it themselves and start interacting with you online, anytime.

We are proud of our small agile team that works hard to respond to subscriber requests. Based upon client feedback we have made a change to the product so that you can have a shareable link on your website, or in your automated emails, that allows people to get started with their online intake process before you have opened a file.

How does it work?

You turn on the setting in FamilyProperty and then you get a shareable link. Sure you could just have the link on your home page but there are actually a number of different ways you could use it. You could -

  • embed the link into your Chat Bot

  • put the link in the automated email response sent by the Chat Bot

  • create a specific landing page on your website

  • set up an automated message response that you use on a social media platform

  • put a sign-up form on a landing page on your website, for an email welcome chain that includes the link

It won't require the new enquiry to sign in, they can just start giving you their information.

Should I use it?

That is really up to you. The downside of using it is that you don't get to run a conflict check, talk to them about price, or use two-factor identification. You cannot yet choose which parts of the questionnaire that you send them, because this is the first time we are launching this tool so we are getting the basics right.

The advantage of using it is they can get started even if you haven't had time to respond to their initial enquiry, and you can mitigate some of the above risks depending on how you choose to set it up (for instance housing it on a landing page that does talk about price).

How do I turn it on?

I have put instructions for turning this feature on in our new Help Forum for subscribers. In order to access our Help Forum you will need to visit our Members Page and become a member, then you can visit our Forum. Our help forum is only for our subscribers and we are working on building out some great content.

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