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How to check how many emails you send and receive on Gmail

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

You used to be able to get an email count in Gmail accounts, but for some reason Google has removed that ability. You can still get some email information, which you can check out here, but not an email count. If you want to know how many emails you send and receive a day in Gmail you can do it, but you have to do a bit of fiddling around.

I would still recommend that you do it, maybe you are dealing with less emails than you think, maybe you are dealing with more.


In your Gmail account click on the drop down menu or arrow at the right hand side of your search bar.


In the drop down menu click on the small calendar icon, shown in the picture here.


Choose a date that is either a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday (if you are thinking about work emails) because it will search for emails one whole day either side. Make sure you choose 1 day either side, as opposed to 3 days or a week.


Once you have selected your date and chosen 1 day for your 'Date within' range then just hit "Search".


Your search results will tell you how many emails fell within the search parameters (in my case it was showing 1 - 28 above meaning 28 emails, in the picture above). Do remember that the default setting for Gmail groups emails, so one email group could actually be 2 or 4 or even 10 emails (see below). So you need to go through your list and check how many you need to add.


Remember that your total will be for three days, not one day. You should do this for all of your email accounts so that you have a rough indication of how many emails you are sending or receiving a day. Yes, that will take some time, but it will also indicate to you whether you have a problem. I was actually pleasantly surprised that mine was only 61 emails sent and received a day across all email accounts, which I think is largely because my main work (at FamilyProperty) now uses Slack or Asana for most of those inter office type memos, or for assigning tasks.

However, even if I assign a minute a day (on average) to either reading, or typing an email, that is an hour a day. it did give me cause to think about whether I should further reduce my emails. If you would like to read more about Slack or Asana then check out our previous blog post about that here.


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