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Working remotely - four free suggestions

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Here are some suggestions from CTO Tim Kirkman on cheap and easy ways to work well remotely, all of these options have a starting package that is free.

Do you read through all your emails, and then two seconds later this happens?  Your inbox shouldn't be a vexing collection of internal communication.

With Slack your internal communications are grouped in 'channels' and easy to search.  We use it at FamilyProperty. You can find out more about it here.



It is next to impossible to do physical checklists, post it notes and white boards when you are working remotely.

Try an online project management system, this one lets you assign projects to team members, set up due dates and timelines, and even change the colours or attach documents all in the free version. You can find out more here.


Even if you don't already have a cloud based software solution you can start working on live, web based documents now.  Perhaps you do have a cloud based system but you don't have a way to log in from home?  Or you have to pay extra to log in from home?

With Google docs you can all be working on the same document at the same time. Many people overlook this option, probably because it is so common, but it is common for a reason. The app makes working on your phone easy, and there are other collaborative features like when you leave a comment on a document you are both working on, you get an email back when the other person has resolved it. Check out Google Docs here.


Video conferencing

They aren't just for talking, or for bosses to assure themselves that you are indeed at your desk and not watching Netflix.

You can also screen share the document that you are working on.  If you use FamilyProperty, you can screen share the client questionnaire, balance sheet and other documents with them, making changes and getting further instructions.

You can work on a document, together, in real time.

Perhaps you are working on one of our spreadsheets with the client and want to explain it to them, or perhaps your client is a bit less familiar with technology and you or a more junior employee can screen share with them and help them to fill out the client intake questionnaire. Collaborating on any document together is much easier with video conferencing.


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Tim is passionate about empowering law firms to reach their potential through use of technology, by providing innovative products that supplement and complement legal practices.

Tim Kirkman


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