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Monthly update - for mediators

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Join us for our monthly update for our subscribers, this one is just for the mediators. Each month we want to help you to use the product more efficiently and more effectively.

In October and November we are doing a special series with Joanne Law from the Mediation Institute. In October we ran sessions on client intake, in November we will run sessions on the mediation itself. You can still sign up to participate in the November sessions even if you missed the October ones.

  • 10th November 2020 @ 1pm – Teaching session - using FamilyProperty during the mediation

  • 24th November 2020 @ 1pm – Practical session - running a mediation

This November series counts for 4.5 hours of Continuing Professional Development for FDRPs but not placement hours. There are limited places available due to practical considerations.

Attendees must either be an FDRP or training to become an FDRP and also ideally meet one of the following criteria:

  • FamilyProperty subscriber;

  • Mediation Institute member;

  • Interact Online contractor or volunteer.

This is a pilot of this style of training, as part of participating in the free pilot you will be required to provide some feedback.


Using FamilyProperty to run your Property Pre-Mediation sessions

(Tuesday 13 October 2020 starting at 1pm - 1 hour session)

  • How to use the client Questionnaire if it will be completed by clients

  • How to use the client Questionnaire if it will be completed by their lawyer

  • What about risk screening?

  • What about considerations? (What information do you need from the client and why does it matter?)

  • Helping clients to model their proposals during pre-mediation (with and without prior legal advice)

  • Helping clients to get advice before mediation – legal, financial, valuations etc

Practical Session – pre-mediation role plays using FamilyProperty 

(Tuesday 27 October 2020 starting at 1pm - 2 hour session)

  • Hands on session – you must have a version of FamilyProperty

  • Break out rooms with scenarios pre-loaded

  • 60 minute role play – discussing the client information, considerations and modelling the proposal (for time considerations we will skip the risk / suitability screening)

  • Feedback session

Using FamilyProperty in Property FDR  (1.5 hour session)

(Tuesday 10 November 2020 starting at 1pm - 1.5 hour session)

  • Checking FamilyProperty prior to Mediation Day

  • Review of the property FDR process

  • Working online with FamilyProperty

  • Bringing the client submitted information together and negotiating values

  • Discussing Considerations – how to do this using FamilyProperty to capture information

  • Modelling Proposals and negotiation theory – e.g. set point

  • Documenting alternative proposals

  • Documenting heads of agreement

Practical Session – FDR Property Mediation role play using FamilyProperty

(Tuesday 24 November 2020 starting at 1pm - 2 hour session)

  • Hands on session – role playing an actual mediation using FamilyProperty

  • Breakout rooms - all participants with the same scenario

  • Role players will be needed to help if possible i.e. so that the FDRP’s can all mediate.  90 minute role play

  • Feedback session as a group

  • For this session preference will be given to FDRPs who are FamilyProperty subscribers, if non-subscribers would like to interact in this session as a 'party' they are welcome to do that

We will also have general question and answer time, and we will take general feedback on the product. If you know ahead of time of something that you want us to cover then please email us


Who is Joanne Law?

Joanne Law is a registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and NMAS Accredited Mediator. Joanne is an innovator who believes in making use of technology to make mediation and mediation training more flexible, accessible and higher quality. She is the director of Mediation Institute and co-founder of the social enterprise online dispute resolution organisation, Interact Support Inc.

Mediation Institute provides fully online training in the Grad. Dip. FDR as well as refresher training courses in Property FDR and Parenting FDR for FDR Practitioners making use of video meeting technology for skills development. Visit for more information.

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